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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  October 2, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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ago he eaded up tte junior landsdownn volunteer fire e - department. the children he -d ages of 9 and 15 years oldsot 14:46:29 cottle foond alone t homm nd he was boy sexually buse on several occasions the victim saad hh witnessed a freind of is 14 year olds being sexually abbs by this suspect.:46look live tag it was during the ssring of last year when cottle lived just down the street from the volunteer fire deparrment. police ay it was during that timeethe teens say they were ssxually assaulted. in baltimoreecounty joy lepola fox 45 news at 5 the... death ...of a man.... ho died... in... police custody.. / is... now... ruled a homicide...///. the... medical examiner... officiaaly released... anthonyyanderson's... autopsy rrport today.... anderson... died ...aftee a confrontation with
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police... in... ast baltimore... septembbr 21....// according... to....the autopsy report.../ he... died... from... blunt-force iijury...//. he... suffered... from... broken ribs... and... a... ruptured spleen../ . suggesting... he... maa have... been kicked... or slammed to the ground...//. intially,... olice say... they caught anderson... that he choked... on drugs. ...// but... witnesses saa... officers... beat... the... 46-year-old mann.. to... death... in... a... vvcant lot... at... eaat biidle street.../ and montford avenne. (mr.johnson/witness) "the police ggabbed him from behind, spinned around and slammed him on the ground and didn't know at thht time he was dead, buu he wasn't mvoing, he wasn't doong anythin" pnything." there... will be... a... joint investigation... with a baltimore police officer is in critical condition affer a happened abbut 8 o'clock this morning on interstaae 795. the officer was on his way to a training exercise innthe rain when he lost contrrl of his mottrcycle aad collideddwith a jersey wall.hh was taken to shock trauma with serious injuuies.
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his identity has not been releasedd weather has not been ruled outt of this accident that happened earlier today eastbound along the vehicle collided with a - utility pole... causing significaan damageeto the front and driver's side.due to the extensive damage... ccews tte car.the victim was transported to shockktrauma. today... marks... the... 10- year anniversary ... of... thh... first shootingg d-c sniper case .../ - that... gripped the nation...///55- year- old... james ád marttn... a... shoppers food 3 in... silver spring...///. in... a... prison interview.../ ccnvicted... sniper... lee oyd malvo ... calls hiiself &pa mooster... / and... (0039): i am sorry. i ammry he - sorry. and it soundsa& there is now way to express, there is no way tt express that. that. malvo... and muhammad...
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killing ten.../// - ten... years later... malvv spoke to the washington post..// . describing... how the tww ... hose theii targets. malvo audio: the process (0:29)) we'd drive up. i'' the trunk. i'd put my window down alfway and i cculd see whatever's in front of me, to &pmy left and to my right. my focus is on witnesses, passengers and you know. and whenever there waa an opening i told him to shhot. and itt wws just one, rapid, after another after nother after &panother. if there wasn't an opening within ten miiutts, we . moved.malvo was a teen at the time... . he's noo 27... and... will speed the rest of his life in priion...../muhammad... was executed at a virginia prisonn.. three years ago. cracking down... on... illegal maryland. .../ .../ police and laamakers re nnw going after video gaming machines that use the internet po simulate slot machines. melinda roeder explains why they're becoming more
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popular... up till now... thhee videoo gaming terminals have not been regulated.... nd owners haven't been paying taxes on the operators. but a losing - proposition for the state. the machines are becominn popular in some barr - and placesslike this bingooparror in southwest baltimore. there, the machines are tucked away in a separate room. if you want to play, you purchhse creddtt for internet access &psimulates slots. and you win cashhprizes.the operator of this bingo hall has filed suit machines.but some state and city officiaas say they fall within maryland's definition of a slot machhnes and are - therefore - illegal.
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pre losing money."> thh bbltimooe city law department has issued a statement - also laiming the video gaminn machines are illegal.but police are waiting until after a circuit court hearing later this week - to pursue enforcement.melinda roeder - fox 45 news at five. ravens veteran center... maat sex marriage debate. debate.birk in video: 3.14 "i encourage all of you to vote 'yes' on the marriage protection amendment on november 6th." 6th."in this video from the minnesota cathollc conference, birk urges reeiddnts to ban gay marriage in the state.he's the second raven to take a stand on the issue.last month, prendon ayanbbdajo spoke in ásuppootá of same-sex marriage in mmryland.baltimore coonty sttte delegate emmitt burns urged the ravenssthhn to silence ayanbadajo, but they, fans aree ounning off. fan1: "yeah, they're here to play football, but they can express their opinions just pou're in thh public eye, maybe you shouud keep your
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opinioos to yourself, but he has just as mmch a right as anyone eese to speakkwhat he actually feels." feels."birk says... he informed ayanbadajo friday of the video release, and it pon't be the last ime he speaks publicly on the matter. thattbrings us to our question of the think its approoriaae for sports political issuess go to fox-baltimorr dot com and tell us what you think. you can also ound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxballtmore. ann you caa text your answer to 45203. fox45b for noo yes.. or - a couule altimore ravens playerssgiving back to their fans... off the field. phone pictures from an event at dundalk eleeentary school. the mascot as he was promoting . it's an initiative aimed at getting kids to become more acttve outside. and check out... thisspicture ...of... ravens from earlier today... at a similar eveet in sykesville...///. this... from... linton
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smith... was also promoting ...the... "play 600... challeege../. active.when it comes to ews t . in your nnighborhood... see it.. hoot it.. send can upload photossand videos foxbaltimore dot com and cllck on the "see it, shoot it, send photos direetll from yourr - cell phone to "pics at foxbaltimmre dot com." magic... - stretches... ar outside camden yards...///.many... bussnesses... are seeiig dollar signs... with going through a lot of orange ink lateey.pauu-- orange ink, on shirts lke this.nightmare graphics in &pcolumbia issnot iigoring the this shirt reads, 'baltimore baseball, ooer .500 since 2012.' in the past five weeks, they have printed thousands of orioles shiits.that's ttpically what they'd make in an entire season.this mooning,
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workers made another 500 'orange fever' tee shirts. evin nape: ""een a long time people are really excited and - about it."sam andelman, nightmare graphics:"if they keep winningg we're ust going to keep printing more and morr designs." fresh stats just in from, leading online retailee--september sales thii year compared to last, the two teams with he highest increase in merchandise ssles: are nummer 2: the washhngton nationaal...and, nummbr 1: tte baltimore orioles.the o's have increase innsales this inna month of the season.paul gessler, fox45 news at five. - toniiht??randi proctor has our 3 traffic dgg report. mapbeeairfibbrmaps395mmpp- new tonight on fox45 news at
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athletes at towson universityy
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university.why some of them may want to transfer soon. tonight... thh investiiation pontinues into the worst boot the death toll and why the captains of both vessels face charges. and why american airlines is hhving to answer serious pome f their eats... coming up. 3 --adblib wwather tz-- 3 at least 37 people are dead
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after a ferry collides with a
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smaller paasenger boat in ong . kong.the feery making it to shorr with massivv damage t the hull... the smaller boaa was carrying than 120- china's national day show for & least nine survivors suffering critiial injuries.grieving families gathering atthospptals and a mortuarr lookiig for loved ones. 7-15"the boat was completely standing ssraight up ii the waaer, it was ccaottc. all the ttblls and chairs were everywhere. ii was like a slide, everything was sliding " down."47-57"my leg was stuckk and couldn't gettit out. i thought i won't be able to get it out and i was gonna die. the water was suffiocating me. my friend tugged with all her might and got my leg out." out."a total of six crew members from booh boats aae under arrest, uspected oo cause of the collision is still unknown. 3 just five weeks to goounnil thh presidentiil electioo and one ay until the first debate
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between president obama and mitt romnee. romney.the two candidates have stepped off the campaign trril face off - as many wonder if either man willlsay sooething that will be a game changer in the pplll.jennifer davis as workers put theefinishing touches on he debbte stage at the universitt of denver - president obama and mitt romney are prepping behinddthe scenes - letting their runniig and ccmpeeiiive statts. in iowa paul ryan fieldee questiins on the types of domestic issues thee presidential candidates will address wednesdaaynighh. ryan says: "look, there's only one person who has raised taxes and is promising to raise taxes in the future who's running for ppesident and his name is barack obama." joe biden headed to north carolina - rguing romney would help the weaathyyat the expense of the middll ccass. biden says: "iiknow i'm not the only one who as found it strange for governor romney to write off 47 percent in
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country." presidentt obama is rehearsing at nevada resort - working on keeping his debate answwrs short and not getting ruffled "theyyre making mm do my homework." romney - ii - took a lunch reak with ohho - senator rob portman - ii ddbate stand in for the presidentt romney didnn answwr any questions about the if he seizes on the economy, o'donnell says: "if he's able to pin blameefor the economy on the presideet, his governor romney's numbers will ptart to come p."davis says:: "a new quunnipiac poll finds that 86 perrent of likkly voters don't think thh candidates ill saa anything to chaage their mind - but 93 percent pooled till plan to watch the debates. in washington, jd, fn." 3 earlier we told you about how ravens matt biik and brendon ayanbadajo are weighing on difffrent sides of samm sex marriage issue. issue. and its our question of
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the day... do you think its appropriate for sports figgres to speak out oo political issue. issuee. brad writee on our facebook page..."they should keep their months shut as longg team." but korcorannwrrtes..." it's totally acceptable ffr any issue." to speak outton - 3 we areeseeing a lively debate on this issue go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. facebook. send us a tweet...h text your nswer to 45203. n enter fox45a for yes.. orr fox45b or no. 3 a skateboarding event... takes drrmatic turn. ww'lllshow you what happees to this rider just seconds fter thissccip youure seeing he walked away unharmed.iracle &3 -adblib weather tz-- ,3
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somee.. terrrfyyng moments.../ duringg.. weekend skateboardiig... event... in... colooado. going... 40- -3 deer....//.the... two... roll off the road.. . and... into thee away... - withh.. some... serious sccapes.../ but... no.... broken bones....// the... deee... was... not hurt...//. --- react to story --- sunshine and warm temperaturee early on....looks to be over. nothing buu rain and gray skies out their today.chief meteorologist vytas reid...
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3 3 3 3
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american airliness.. having to answer serious questions about passengers seats are involved. 3 and you could soon be getting a refund check in the mail... if you're a customer of ameeicaa express.thhereason could be worth.much that check -
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a nation-wide recall today for some bad fish.arrund 300 sickened y salmonella bacteria that has been found in smoked salmon... that thht sells only in the u-s to the wholesaler cost-co. costco will reportedly deal with all recalls involving thee fish.those infected by the
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ssmptomm including fever, ffer - a new study says the h-p-v vacccne... gardasil is safe ... even for young girls... girl ages 11 and 12. but concerns over the safety of the vaccine came up... oon after the food and drug administration approved it in 2006.the maker of gardasil .... merck aad company .... funded the study anddit was reviewed by independeet experts the only ide effects associated with the vaccine pkin nfection around the injection site. 3a solution could be in the works... for people who are allergic to cow's milk. "health-dot-com"... scientists haae found that milk produced frrm a geneticallyymodifiee that's the protein belleved to trigger allergies. scientistss say it's the first time they composition before it leavess tte cow. 3a... refund ...could be coming your way... / if... ou're... an... american express... custtmer. customer.250-thousand ... customers... will be mailed checks... after ...the ccmpanyy ...illegally chaaggd ...late fees.../ promised... non-existent rewards.../ and... discriminated against applicants...//.the... company's... paying out...
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85-million dollars../. can expeet... an - esttmated... 340 dollars each. americaa airlines... p is... inspeeting... its planes... this week.../ after... seaas... came loose... during two rrcent flights. flights..he... on... a... flight... from bbston to miami...///.the... second incident... happened mooday... on... a flight... from new no... injuries... reported....// the... company pays... there... could be... a possible issue... with... a... certain model seat. 117--26"the 757 fleee is the first one that american has outsourcee and we're seeing this in just the last coople weeks that this has begunn several aircraft has come back with prrbbems." nnt... the only issuu... the airline is facing.../ american... fileddfor in november.../aad... - is... in... theemiddle of &pa contract... tug-of-war with itsspilots. 3 women kidnapped and sexuallyy pssaulted.why baltimore county people thinkkthey have a break 3 the meddcal examiner's report is in on &pthe man who died in police
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custodd. what it says and and next step in the caae comingg up.. --adblibbweather tz-- 3
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p the... official word... is out.../ in... the death... of a mmn... who diee... custody. the medical dy. examiner has ruled anthony anderson's death.. a homiiide. keith daniels, live family members have here gathered... angered by the loss of a lovedone.. killed phey say.. by police.. keith. ////////////////////keitt/////// //////////// ////////////////////keith/////// //////////// jeff and jennifer..... familyy members say the utopsy report only confirms what they say they knew already..... we're live outside the offices &pof the... a communiiy group that's been prottssing gainst pplice since anderson's death.... and tonight, famiiy members are nside thh office with their attorney.. ready to continue their fight against police.....this time


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